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Hot Indie Recording Artist, Christine Lucas, Releases Her Debut CD

JUNE 30, 2003, NEW YORK, NY - Christine Lucas is pleased to announce the independent release of her debut CD - "Surrender". The work represents the achievement of her artistic challenge to create a perfect balance of electro-acoustic pop music that realizes her lyrical and musical talents.

Christine Lucas will be holding a CD release party and live performance at The Cutting Room ( in New York City on Thursday, July 10 at 8:00pm.

As the front woman for her own band, Christine Lucas has been described not only as a beautiful vision on stage, but as an undeniable vocal talent, inspirational songwriter and an artist with extraordinary presence. Her electro-acoustic music is best described as uplifting, and uses rhythmic, electronic influenced dance/pop/rock combined with organic textures and heartfelt, inspirational vocals to empower her fast-growing group of devoted listeners and fans. Her songs are musically reminiscent of Dido, Nelly Furtado, Madonna, and Sarah McLachlan with dynamic vocal range and strength. Listeners are hearing and responding, as they continue to catch on in numbers and feel the buzz of her cutting edge new sound. Live performances are best described as an escape into a world of beauty, accentuated and heightened with sounds that sooth the jagged edges of life.

After watching Christine perform in front of a packed house at CB's 313 Gallery in New York City, Adam Bernard, Senior Urban Music Writer for The Ear Magazine, stated, “...her presence and voice were huge."

Christine's need to have her message heard comes from her desire to inspire and uplift the human spirit. Her music is spiritual, energetic and most of all - sincere. One listen to "Surrender." and the listener cannot help but be touched and inspired by the message of love.

Look out for Christine Lucas in stores, on the radio, on the Internet and in upcoming live performances nationwide as she begins to tour in support of her new CD.

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